27 Feb 2018 | Press release

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Diageo plc (“Diageo”) announces today that it has purchased the following number of its ordinary shares of 28 101/108 pence each on the London Stock Exchange and Multilateral Trading Facilities from Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc. Such purchase was effected pursuant to instructions issued by Diageo on 7th September 2017, as announced on 8th September 2017:

Ordinary Shares
Date of purchase: 27 February 2018
Number of ordinary shares purchased: 1,234,920
Volume weighted average price paid per share: 2,490.58p
Highest price paid per share: 2,503.50p
Lowest price paid per share: 2,478.00p
Diageo intends to cancel the purchased shares.

A full breakdown of the individual trades is available here.

These purchases are the last purchases to be made under the programme between Diageo, on the one hand, and Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc, on the other hand, announced on 8th September 2017, as that programme has been completed.

This announcement does not constitute, or form part of, an offer or any solicitation of an offer for securities in any jurisdiction.

Diageo''s LEI code is 213800ZVIELEA55JMJ32