What’s your DRINKiQ? Diageo launches interactive tool to enable people to unlock knowledge of alcohol.

22 Mar 2017 | Press release

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22nd March 2017: Diageo today announces it is launching a new DRINKiQ e-learning tool which will provide consumers with the information they need to make positive decisions about drinking responsibly and tackle myths about drinking alcohol. The tool is available from today on DRINKiQ.com in the UK, US and Australia, with localised versions rolling out to 20 other countries in the coming months.

The new, mobile-friendly, online tool is the first of its kind within the alcohol industry, using interactive learning and tests to give people information about:

  • What is in your drink – including alcohol content across different types of alcohol
  • What alcohol is, how it is processed and the different ways it can affect your body
  • How to keep track of your alcohol intake – including tips for hosting at home, or out socialising
  • How to pour a standard measure of beer, wine and spirits via an interactive exercise
  • The truth about common myths around alcohol

DRINKiQ e-learning is the next stage in Diageo’s commitment to help its consumers make informed choices about drinking, or choosing not to drink. Diageo has been providing face-to-face DRINKiQ training to groups around the world for over a decade, including members of US Congress, the Ministry of Health in countries such as Peru, law enforcement officials in countries including Thailand, taxi drivers in markets such as Ethiopia, as well as bartenders and hospitality workers globally.

Carolyn Panzer, Director of Alcohol and Society, Diageo said: “We’re really proud of how well our DRINKiQ training has been received over the last ten years – there is clearly a desire for this kind of information, which is why we wanted to make DRINKiQ available more widely. This powerful new online tool, intended to raise collective knowledge about alcohol, allows anyone, anywhere, to quickly get a handle on how drinking affects the body, and gives the tips they need to make the right choices for them.”

Amanda Ursell, Nutritionist and Health Writer, said: “For those of us who choose to drink alcohol, the new DRINKiQ resource helps us understand the units and calories in all types of alcoholic drinks and shows how each drink compares with others. It is perfect for anyone who wants to better understand what they are drinking – and who seeks advice on drinking moderately and responsibly so they can make smarter choices about what to drink and when.”

The US Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) also recommends DRINKiQ e-learning as an engaging and easy-to-use educational tool which provides essential knowledge about the effects of drinking in order to guide appropriate and safe use of alcohol.

In addition to this launch, Diageo is continuing to help consumers make smart choices about drinking, or choosing not to drink, by:

  • Making DRINKiQ e-learning freely available to employers of people who serve and sell alcohol, to help them educate consumers and raise collective knowledge about alcohol, as well as being available to all consumers and other companies outside of the industry
  • Introducing alcohol content and nutritional information, per typical serve, on-pack for its brands around the world. Ireland, South Korea and Australia are the latest markets to introduce new labelling
  • Providing alcohol content and nutritional information for each of Diageo’s brands on global responsible drinking website, DRINKiQ.com which is available in 13 languages
  • Supporting over 300 responsible drinking programmes in 55 countries
  • Recruiting a million responsible drinking ambassadors by 2020

To access DRINKiQ e-learning, please visit https://www.drinkiq.com/en-gb/drinkiq-course/whats-your-drink-iq/.