Diageo reports 2015 Sustainability and Responsibility progress as company looks ahead to new 2020 targets

13 Aug 2015 | Press release

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Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, this week reported strong progress against its 2015 Sustainability and Responsibility targets with the publication its 2015 Annual Report, which for the second year integrates its performance in this area alongside financial reporting. Diageo made notable gains in its improvement in water efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and sourcing of local raw materials as the company now looks towards its ambitious 2020 targets and moves to an evaluation model based on impact rather than input.

Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive states; “We have a responsibility to create shared value, for our communities, our people and our shareholders. This enables our business to grow and I am extremely proud of our work in many areas, especially water stewardship with our ambitious Water Blueprint, our progress in local sourcing in Africa and our partnerships with NGOs, governments and other stakeholders with whom we work to create scale for our programmes. As we now move forward to our 2020 goals, with a focus on our long term impact, we will build on these successes to achieve even more.”

Key 2015 Sustainability and Responsibility achievements from the report include:

  • Year on year progress against all environmental, communities and responsible drinking targets for 2015
  • Achievement of 70% of local sourcing target
  • 10% improvement in water efficiency, contributing to achievement of 30% improvement in water efficiency target
  • Provided 600,000 more people with access to safe drinking water
  • 9% year on year reduction in carbon emissions, equivalent of 68,400 tonnes
  • 298 responsible drinking programmes in more than 50 countries
  • Over 115,000 women supported through its female empowerment programme, Plan W, in 2015

To build and expand on the foundations laid by the 2015 goals, Diageo will now work towards its ambitious 2020 targets, announced in December 2014. These industry leading goals represent a new holistic way Diageo measures and evaluates its Sustainability and Responsibility efforts, focussing on impact, not only within its own operations, but across its supply chain in partnership with others.

The 2020 targets are in line with the emerging UN Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all, and focus on three key areas:

  • Leadership in alcohol in society to create a positive role for alcohol in society through initiatives which impact misuse.
  • Building thriving communities to equip people, particularly women, with skills and resources to build a better future for themselves.
  • Reducing Diageo’s environmental impact by making Diageo products and business operations more environmentally sustainable.

Recognising that impact is not limited to its owned sites, Diageo’s 2020 targets also reflect the need to better manage impact across the whole supply chain, and the importance of working in partnership, in order to create true scale for the many programmes and initiatives around the world.

For more information and to view Diageo’s integrated annual report, please visit www.diageo.com