Diageo Business Services India

Diageo Business Services India 

In October 2016, Diageo extended its global shared services operations into India, through its opening of Diageo Business Services  India  (DBSI) in  Bangalore. Situated at the Karle Town  Special  Economic  Zone (SEZ), the centre is providing great career opportunities for business professionals, not only in the fields of Finance and Accounting but also in other areas such as Business  Intelligence, Analytics and Data Services, Application and Technology Services amongst others.

Serving over 70+ Diageo countries, 100+ entities in 23/6 hours, Diageo’s in-house centre provides world-class business services and an open,  exciting and dynamic culture.  DBSI has created a vibrant and diverse environment living up to its promise of offering exciting career opportunities for those who wish to make a difference for themselves, the organisation and the local community.

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In this video, Diageo’s Enterprise Operations Team in India discuss their experiences working for Diageo and their goals for the future. Watch to find out what the Enterprise Operations Team get up to and how their work supports our teams in Africa

“Diageo is a place where individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes. While here, they learn what a real business is, learn to think independently, be creative and to push themselves out of their comfort zone. You are encouraged for your passion, for your true self. Here inclusion and diversity are not just words – it’s the culture which gives you the freedom to succeed.”

Smita Jha