Sales graduate programme

Find new places to thrive

This is sales at its most far-reaching. And this programme is where you’ll learn how it’s all done. Taking iconic, timeless brands like Baileys, Guinness and Smirnoff and find them new generations of shoppers, new untapped markets, new reasons to be purchased, and new places to be sold.

We’re the world’s leading premium alcohol company, selling 6.5 billion litres of spirits and beer in 180 countries. Our brands are known and enjoyed the world over. But there’s still so much potential.

Immerse yourself

You’ll be very immersed in the sales process from the start. You'll spend time building relationships with Diageo partners and working with customers to maximise sales. You’ll be responsible for ensuring our brands are successfully promoted, readily available and well presented to anyone who wants to buy them. It's challenging, it's diverse and it's exciting.

You’ll benefit from hands-on field-sales experience and you’ll be given the opportunity to sell some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Johnnie Walker, Tanquery and Captain Morgan.

“I was worried that being young and relatively inexperienced would get in the way of success, but that really hasn’t been the case. I’ve always been taken seriously here.”


New Business Manager

Take a voyage of discovery

Over the three years, you’ll have an opportunity to work in three different roles across our sales teams, experiencing everything from field sales to account management and discovering everything you need to know about our brands, our competitors, the market and our customers along the way.

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Start your sales career with some of most iconic brands in the world.


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