Fusion by Diageo – celebrating the first cohort

Fusion by Diageo – celebrating the first cohort

16 Feb 2024
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In October last year, we announced the exciting new partnership lab ‘Fusion by Diageo’, with the ambition of identifying leading innovators to co-develop the next generation of digital products.

After receiving hundreds of applications from trailblazing, innovative brands, Fusion whittled down the applicants to just 17, marking the inaugural cohort of Fusion alumni to embark on the 13-week journey.

The programme is split into two phases:

  • Phase One involves broad concept ideation. During this phase, participants gain access to Diageo’s industry expertise and consumer insights, alongside external speakers, and coaching, to help develop consumer-focused, digital concepts. With phase one concluding next week, participants are busy refining the concepts that’ll be pitched to Diageo.
  • Those selected for Phase Two will work towards the in-person ‘Demo Day’, where Diageo will select up to five concepts to progress to a post-programme pilot stage.

The theme of the first cohort is ‘Celebrate at Home’, with participants exploring new frontiers in how people unwind, experiment, and entertain in their own spaces. This is a significantly topical theme as consumers around the world increasingly look to recreate out-of-home experiences from their abode, with some of the cohort’s ideas incorporating high levels of personalisation using artificial intelligence, as well as immersive brand discovery and storytelling experiences using mixed reality and digital humans.

“It has been an incredibly exciting start to the inaugural Fusion programme, and we have been so impressed by the creativity and enterprise of each participant. We have such a diverse cohort, spanning five continents, with this diversity shining through in the ideas that will be pitched next week. Fusion truly is helping Diageo to build the future of social celebration, pushing the boundaries of innovation to create experiences, platforms, and business models that we hope existing and new consumers will love.”

170926 AA LGH Benjamin Lickfett 022
Benjamin Lickfett

Global Head of Breakthrough Innovation - Digital

As we near the conclusion of Phase One, let’s celebrate the first cohort of Fusion alumni who are striving to redefine social celebration:  

  • Obsess– Next-gen immersive digital store experiences.
  • AiPalette– AI-powered real-time consumer trends and insights.
  • Speakeasy Co.– D2C spirits platform delivering seamless luxury experiences.
  • Archetype AI- Multimodal AI foundation model using real-time sensor data to understand the world around you.
  • UneeQ– Intelligent interface platform that humanises AI interactions.
  • NINA- IOT self-pouring solution that digitises every drop.
  • Jebbit– Powering personalised interactive experiences that capture zero-party data at scale.
  • Lounge– Enabling authentic communities to seamlessly organise, meet up, and collaborate.
  • OfferFit- Intelligence Experimentation Platform to accelerate consumer testing & learning.
  • Co:Create Ink– Web3 platform connecting collectors with world-class artists.
  • Tipple- Enabling borderless spirits D2C and logistics across eleven European countries.
  • Superlogic- Powering the future of loyalty and connected commerce.
  • Wowzi– Enabling brands to unleash the power of Africa’s diverse creator platform.
  • Innit- Personalised food intelligence platform enabling the entire consumer journey.
  • Adrich - Patented smart label technology unlocking next-gen consumer experiences and insights.
  • Spirits Network– Shoppable home entertainment platform focusing on spirits and cocktails.
  • Gathar– Tech platform bringing culinary experiences into homes.