Tackling underage drinking with SMASHED

3 Aug 2023
Students in Taiwan participate in a group SMASHED online session

We want to change how people drink – for the better. Our support for SMASHED, an education programme on the dangers of underage drinking, plays a big part in this by helping us educate young people all over the world. And it’s performing better than ever.

SMASHED, now live in 38 countries and territories, is an interactive theatrical performance that young people can experience live or online. It was launched by Collingwood Learning in 2005, and we sponsor it as part of our wider work to discourage the harmful use of alcohol. 

The ambition for SMASHED is to educate 10 million young people by 2030, and by the end of fiscal 23, it has reached more than 3.8 million – over half of them in fiscal 23 alone. Since 2022, SMASHED online has won 12 awards from eight digital and creative industry bodies, recognising its educational, creative and technical merit.  

The programme is particularly expanding in Asia-Pacific. In Cambodia alone, it reached over 57,000 students in fiscal 23, less than two years since it first launched, thanks to a partnership with the Ministry of Education to scale it up across multiple provinces. In Taiwan, SMASHED educated over 18,000 students, six times more than in fiscal 22. The programme is also live in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea. 

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