Entrepreneurial spirit: Challenging traditional marketing concepts in Brazil

3 Aug 2023
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In fiscal 23, organic net sales in Latin America and Caribbean increased by 9% and we plan to keep growing. Part of our growth plan in the region is making critical investments in one of the most rapidly advancing parts of our business: digital marketing.  

Growing our e-commerce offering

For more than a decade, our award-winning website, TheBar.com, has helped customers to make cocktails at home. It has also been a key driver of our digital performance, connecting people directly to Diageo’s brands through recipes, luxury gifts and personalised engraving. Brazil now hosts the site’s biggest operation worldwide, with an omnichannel approach that combines physical stores and online engagement in a powerful media engine.

Expertise across borders

This year, we also set up Diageo’s first digital hub in Latin America, allowing us to share analytics, media insights, online commerce and scalable content across countries.

The new hub has helped us engage more closely with the people buying our brands. It means we can create more relevant content, engage in live conversations,  and be more responsive to what consumers are saying online.

The hub has also enabled Diageo to scale up its key capabilities from one market to another – getting data from Colombia to Mexico, fast. Artificial intelligence helps tailor our work to local social media algorithms, which has enabled us to optimise our media in more than 37% of the region.

Led by consumers

In Brazil, we have invested in a new content laboratory. This is an interactive, digital platform run by a team of creators who monitor everything consumers are talking about, searching for, listening to or sharing online – in real time. It’s part of our evolution from precision marketing to predictive marketing, not only listening to what consumers want, but anticipating future trends, too. The content lab is a complete shift in communication, putting our brands at the heart of communities.

Together, these innovations are challenging the notions of traditional marketing. Diageo’s digital tools mean communication is no longer one-way, with brands talking to consumers, but consumers talking to each other: a more collective way of engaging with online culture. And it’s working. Since our content lab was launched, Diageo’s whisky brands in the region have expanded their leading share of consumer engagement, growing ‘talkability’ share by +7ppt.(1)

(1) Sprinklr, 2022

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