Annual report case study - Supporting supply chain visibility in volatile times

Supporting supply chain visibility in volatile times

4 Aug 2022

In fiscal 22, we shipped more than 100,000 product containers to over 130 countries around the world, working with more than 40 carriers. With this level of complexity, visibility is crucial – especially at a time of significant global supply chain volatility.

Supporting supply chain visibility in volatile times

Our integrated logistics platform, the Luminate Control Tower (LCT), has transformed how we manage operations. It allows us to track global ocean freight movements in real time and make interventions that are driving cost efficiencies and improving customer service.

Prior to the LCT, tracking each shipment was challenging and time-consuming for our teams. Tracking relied on manual processes and third-party systems – meaning information was often out of date or inaccurate. We recognised that investing in a platform integrated with existing carrier infrastructure would transform the way we manage operations. And enable us to provide more accurate, timely updates to our customers, helping them to better manage their stock levels.

With the LCT, we can now predict and plan warehouse capacity and efficiencies up to three months in advance, giving teams the time to manage common challenges like port congestion. And we have reduced our spend on air freight, a costly remedy for shipping delays, by almost 90% this year.

The visibility the LCT delivers has allowed us to proactively respond to the changing logistics environment, anticipate potential delays, alert markets and customers, and take fast remedial action – even in the most challenging situations. This was particularly evident during the Suez Canal obstruction in 2021, which disrupted worldwide shipping. Using the LCT, we were able to rapidly identify the markets and customers that would be impacted by both the immediate backlog of vessels and the broader disruption in shipping, which lasted for many months. As a result, our colleagues and customers were able to act swiftly to manage the disruption. Previously, it would have taken weeks to identify and notify markets of the impact of an issue of this scale.

The LCT now covers more than 96% of our ocean carrier network. It is helping drive a more future-focussed mindset, where our logistics planning is no longer reactive but predictive, enabling us to manage our business more efficiently and effectively, and better support our customers.

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