Uganda Breweries launches ‘Smashed’ in movie format

26 Mar 2021
Suubi - Hope

The Smashed programme was scheduled to be launched in Uganda in 2020 through the customary live drama skits in high schools, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of schools making it impossible to launch. In the absence of physical contact with students, creative options were considered to reach the students virtually, and with the ever-increasing demand for visual content driven by global trends that have seen platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram Stories take root among the youth, it was clear that we had to match the preferences of our target audience.

Dubbed ‘Cool Teens Don’t Drink’ the campaign launched earlier this month at a movie premiere in Kampala attended by parents, teachers, and student leaders from various schools around the country. The movie, titled “Suubi” which means ‘Hope’ in Luganda, is a story of a young girl. The story reveals the reality of a typical teenager in Uganda; the things they aspire to, the influence and the consequences that arise from the choices they make.

“Suubi” is entertaining as it is educational, and the perfect means to sensitize the youth against underage drinking. It will be screened across several schools in Uganda reaching at least 2,000 students in the first month and with plans to broadcast it on TV stations nationally.

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