Uganda Breweries 75 years of inclusion and innovation

17 Aug 2021

For 75 years Uganda Breweries has stood for innovation and inclusivity. Our brewery in Kampala, Uganda has been sourcing, brewing and selling locally in Uganda for three quarters of a century. Not only that, but Uganda Brewery’s Port Bell Brewery has been fostering talent for our industry throughout that time. Bringing women into a traditionally male dominated industry – from women farmers producing the grain for the beer, to women technical plant operators and managers in the brew teams through to women in commercial and sales roles. UBL believes it is a business for everyone which respects everyone.

This year UBL celebrated female brewmaster Shalom Kaite who managed to sail through her brewmaster qualifications, even with the complications of Covid and is now back busy on site at Portbell Brewery in Kampala, having also decided to take two of UBL’s iconic brands Portbell lager and Uganda waragi gin up over 5000m to the top of Margherita Peak.

Shalom Kaite, brewmaster

Now in its 76th year the team have been talking to Marion Muyobo and Mama Marion, former senior leaders in marketing and corporate relations who helped put UBL on the map and represented women in the business decades ago.

Respecting and inspiring everyone Uganda Breweries is proud of its 75-year record in brewing in an inclusive way with a diverse team of people.


UBL Egreen team