Transforming our execution: every customer, every day, everywhere

5 Aug 2021
Example of Diageo One user interface

It makes clear business sense to put customers at the heart of our approach to execution. They are experts in the products they buy and sell, as well as in the experiences they create and deliver. The continued deployment and development of our Every Day Great Execution (EDGE) suite of technologies and applications continues to enhance our ability to offer the right brands, in the right outlets, in the right way. They are making our execution simpler, more efficient, and more effective. As they are increasingly embedded across the business, our teams have more time to work with more customers. And it is creating clear business impacts in the form of higher sales and increased market share.

Diageo One: a single portal to empower customers

Launched this year, Diageo One provides a single, digital point of engagement with our customers. It gives them the power to manage their account and access any Diageo content or services they need, on any device, anytime, anywhere. Diageo One is fully integrated with EDGE365, a customer-focussed Diageo application that integrates everything our sales force need to manage their customer relationships, into a single mobile application. This means that we are able to provide our customers with real-time access to brand content, promotional information, training materials and much more. Through this integrated solution our customers have access to data, insights and analytics that help them to accelerate decision-making and ensure they have the right brands, activated in the right way, for their outlets and their consumers.

More engagement, more sales, more market share

We are deploying our Every Day Great Execution suite of technology, including EDGE365 and Diageo One, quickly. These solutions have enabled an almost 20% increase in the number of outlets called on since the start of Covid-19, and they are also supporting off-trade market share growth in all regions.