Preserving water for life across Africa

Preserving water for life across Africa

5 Aug 2021
Water being ringed out of a cloth into a bucket

We're committed to preserving water for life. That means taking a holistic, ‘grain-to-glass’ approach which supports farmers, improves water use in our operations, replenishes water in water stressed catchments, provides clean water to our communities, and makes us advocates for more collective action on water.

Protecting water basins, delivering clean water

Our work in Africa this year shows that commitment in action. In Western Kenya, for example, we've replenished 125,866 cubic metres of water in our priority lake basin catchment areas of Lukume, Olembo, Magunga, Okiki Amayo and Ndhiwa. We've planted more than 100,000 seedlings in the Mau Forest Complex, from which 12 rivers feed the lake basins around our Kisums brewery. And we've continued our work to bring clean water to communities, reaching 20,798 people with water sanitation and health (WASH) programmes.

Working with partners to deliver our global programme

We'll reach thousands more people across Africa by 2030, helped by our renewed £4 million, five-year partnership with WaterAid. It is a partnership that has already run for five years, helping to deliver WASH programmes across Africa.

Our global programme includes the replenishment of all consumptive water at our sites located in water-stressed areas, by 2026, through more than 150 community water projects such as planting trees, rainwater harvesting, wetland restoration and desilting dams, as well as improving water quality and WASH. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of WASH for individual and community wellbeing and this year we reached over 54,000 people through WASH projects.