DRINKiQ: sharing the facts and promoting moderation

5 Aug 2021
DRINKiQ is our dedicated responsible drinking online platform

DRINKiQ is our dedicated responsible drinking online platform that provides facts about alcohol, the effects of drinking on the body and the mind, and the impact of harmful drinking on individuals and society. It's at the heart of our ambition to support positive drinking by promoting moderation and reducing alcohol-related harm – one of the central aims of our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress ambition to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

In 2020, we transformed DRINKiQ with new content, design and interactive tools in order to redefine and improve the way we talk to people about drinking.

Engaging and educating through the DRINKiQ Quiz

At the same time, we continued to reach people through the DRINKiQ Quiz – a short, fun online quiz that opens up new opportunities to engage visitors, which we promoted through a series of partnerships and initiatives around the world. In North America and Mexico, for example, the DRINKiQ quiz partnered with Buzzfeed. In the United Kingdom, the DRINKiQ Quiz partnered with the Scottish Football Association and MailOnline.

Inspiring consumers to make the right decisions

Overall, the new DRINKiQ aims to inspire consumers to take action – inviting them to drink better, not more and shape a long-term positive change in their attitudes to alcohol. DRINKiQ is currently available in 29 countries and we have plans to launch in more than 35 countries by December 2021. One key new element is the drinking self-assessment tool, which aligns with the World Health Organization’s AUDIT tool. 'AUDIT' stands for Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test, which can help determine whether someone is at risk of problem drinking.

DRINKiQ is designed to complement resources offered by governments, charities or independent bodies, not replace them – so it can be a destination in itself, or a portal to access help or information elsewhere. We include relevant links where consumers can go for more information depending on the country where they live.