Diageo Unveils New North America Collaboration Center

17 May 2021

Diageo North America has unveiled a new Collaboration Center in Stamford, Connecticut. The Center will serve as a destination to uncover the latest industry trends, category insights and emerging technologies, housed in a 17,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that provides an ideal environment for true collaboration.

The Center is designed to help Diageo’s customers, distributors and agency partners unlock new opportunities and address the challenges of future-proofing the beverage alcohol space, keeping pace with new consumption occasions and a rapidly evolving consumer landscape. Embracing Diageo’s robust suite of data tools and predictive analytics, the Center’s primary focus is to bring to life insights for members of Diageo’s network which will allow them to uncover opportunities and responses to strategic challenges. Visitors to the Center will leave with a heightened understanding of the trends currently shaping beverage alcohol purchase and consumption, which they can then apply to their strategic plans in order to unleash new levels of momentum for their business, and the category.


“We are focused on being consumer-centric and leading the industry in insight generation and leveraging data. We’ve doubled down on our collaboration agenda with this state-of-the-art experience right here in North America. The Diageo Collaboration Center will be a gamechanger, transforming the way we share insights, collaborate and generate new opportunities with our customers, distributors and agency partners.” Claudia Schubert, President U.S. Spirits and Canada

The Center complements Diageo’s existing global Experience Center located in London. Guests of the North America Center will participate in an individualized educational experience that spans two zones: “See It” which utilizes immersive technology to share trends and insights around the disruptive forces shaping society, and “Live It” which provides simulated examples from various purchasing occasions and consumer touchpoints, such as the home, bar and store. Over the course of a day, guided by Diageo’s team of beverage alcohol experts, visitors will journey through eight unique rooms, all bringing to life concepts in ways that 2D presentation software simply cannot. Blending the analog with the digital, state of the art facilitation technologies and methods will enable attendees to see and live the future, taking a first step toward responding to the transformational wave of change on the beverage alcohol industry’s horizon.

Central Collaboration

“We set out to create a different type of meeting experience, where people could come together in partnership to think freely, innovate, brainstorm and feel unrestricted to take risks and come up with incredible new ideas. The Collaboration Center is all about understanding the consumer and the shopper, as well as recognizing what the true needs of our customers, distributors and agency partners are and how, through their experience at the Center, they will be able to advance their businesses in exciting new ways.”, Steve Wallet, VP, Category, Shopper and eCommerce

Visitors to the Center will interact with, and learn firsthand from, live resident mixologists about emerging trends in the on-premise that will imminently manifest in the off-premise. The Center also offers the option to take the physical virtual with virtual reality technology, making the experience accessible to those unable to visit in-person, and for post-visit follow up meetings.