Diageo’s award-winning alcohol education programme ‘Smashed’ unveils global rebrand

6 Apr 2021

Since launching in the UK over 15 years ago, ‘Smashed’, our international theatre-in-education programme, has now reached over 1 million people and is available in 25 countries, across 5 continents in 17 languages.  

Australia live tour 2021
Australia live tour 2021

Over the years, the Smashed branding has flexed visually and verbally. The programme needed a new look and feel which would align with our Society 2030, Spirit of Progress commitment.

Therefore, Smashed has launched a new creative identity that has been designed to unify the programme globally, highlighting the quality and success of the initiative, and appealing to each individual market whilst respecting the unique Smashed tone of voice.

New creative identity and logo

Dynamic, contemporary and exciting, the rebrand emphasises the uniqueness of a Smashed performance-driven education.

The playful logo and doodle styles have been transformed into fresh, impactful branding that celebrates the positive Smashed approach, with an emotive, grown-up tone that empowers young people.

A bold illustration style uses minimalistic shapes and a quirky palette to create colourful characters that all different ages and nationalities can identify with, and the illustrations bring to life the changing mindsets of the people Smashed works with around the world.

Australia live tour 2021
Australia live tour 2021

The new Smashed identity is present across the website, global social media channels and any marketing or communications activity.

Australia live tour 2021
  • Our alcohol education programme has reached over 1 million young people, parents and teachers over the last three years
  • 93% of students are less likely to drink underage as a result of watching Smashed*
  • Ambition for 35 countries to deliver Smashed by 2022

2021 will see Smashed Live launch in countries including Australia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and virtually in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with Smashed Online launching in India, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, USA and others.

Diageo’s 2030 Positive Drinking strategy to encourage moderation and reduce alcohol related harm includes ambitious targets for underage drinking, drink driving and binge-drinking.

*Smashed Project Global Annual Evaluation, 2018-2019. Data based on a sample of 49,718 completed pre-programme questionnaires and 46,880 completed POST-programme questionnaires collated from 16 distinct ‘Smashed’ programmes delivered in 2018-19 across Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.