Business integrity: everyone's business, everyday

5 Aug 2021
Poster from our Pathway of Pride Business Integrity virtual event in Nigeria.

Business integrity is at the heart of who we are as a company – and it is critical to maintaining the trust and respect we need to achieve our Performance Ambition. So around the world, we carry out targeted, tailored training to help build a culture of accountability among our leaders – and to make sure our people not only understand what is important about business integrity, but why.

Pathway of Pride in Nigeria

This year in Nigeria, for example, we refused to let COVID-19 prevent us carrying out our annual, five-day Pathway of Pride integrity campaign. By making the event virtual, we could enable 457 of our employees in Nigeria and key contractor staff to take part in a series of sessions and training modules centred on the theme of 'getting it right from grain to glass', many of them led by senior managers.

Through shared case studies, webinars, Q&As and quizzes, our people refreshed their understanding of our Code of Conduct and global policies, as well as special awareness session on how to raise concerns, including through our confidential Speak Up process.

Business integrity across Latin America

In our LAC market (Latin America and Caribbean), we launched new training this year. Across LAC, we reached our whole workforce of more than 1,300 people with Business Integrity is Everyone’s Business, a mandatory, customised course sponsored by senior managers. It included a market-wide, one-hour session which shared learnings from recent internal investigations as well as deep dives into specific risk or control areas and a reminder of our reporting processes.