Driving safer roads: Dominican Republic

7 Aug 2020
A breathalyser checkpoint in the Dominican Republic

In August 2019, we supported the launch of breathalyser checkpoints in the Dominican Republic, a significant step forward in a country which, back in 2015, had the highest estimated rate of fatalities from road crashes in the Americas*.

Building capacity through partnership

The introduction of breathalysers was the latest stage in our work with the Dominican Republic's authorities as part of a public-private collaboration between members of industry and UNITAR, the United Nations Institute of Training and Research. Our global partnership with UNITAR aims to build institutional and individual capacity to reduce traffic deaths and injuries and improve road safety.

The launch followed work with the government of Dominican Republic to support the introduction of new drink driving laws in 2017, which set a maximum BAC limit for car drivers, motorcyclists, and professional drivers, and a high visibility enforcement (HVE) programme including training support for 25 police officers from the National Safety Agency for Transit and Transport.

Committed to promoting positive drinking

The programme is an example of our wider commitment to promote moderation and tackle harmful use of alcohol worldwide, including underage and excessive drinking, as well as drink driving. This commitment to promoting positive drinking is at the heart of our strategy, and an essential part of how we do business.


*According to WHO’s Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015