Diageo creates the "Virtual Good Host Guide"

Diageo creates the "Virtual Good Host Guide"

7 May 2020

For people planning a virtual get-together with friends and family, we have launched the ‘Virtual Good Host Guide’, designed to provide tips on how to be the perfect online host.   

Through a series of short animations, the ‘Virtual Good Host Guide’ provides a range of top tips; from encouraging hosts to pick a theme for their online celebrations; to planning the perfect shared playlist; to reminding people to measure their pour when making drinks. Launched on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the Virtual Good Host Guide builds on our long-standing commitment to promote positive drinking through moderation.

Diageo virtual host

Diageo’s top tips for being a responsible virtual host:

  1. Plan a theme: get everyone involved
  2. Pick the perfect guest list: smaller can be better
  3. Make time to eat: food is your friend
  4. Share party playlists: keep the beats coming
  5. Measure your pour: drink better not more
  6. Not talking? Hit mute! Ah that’s better
  7. Mix it up with up a mocktail: cheers!
  8. Pace Yourself: savour the moment

“While we all navigate the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide tips to help people be good virtual hosts as they socialise with friends and family. This guide serves up great tips in an accessible format and will help people make positive and responsible choices about alcohol at home.” - Ewan Andrew, Chief Sustainability Officer, Diageo

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