Working across Digital and Technology at Diageo

17 Feb 2022

Tell us about your role at Diageo and what it involves?

I lead the Digital & Technology Plan team globally, defining the D&T roadmaps that will ensure Diageo achieves its performance ambition: to create the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products company in the world. From understanding business strategy and performance outcomes to translating these into the required business and technology capabilities. 

What attracted you to Diageo and what keeps you excited and motivated to work here?

I have worked at Diageo for over 20 years with multiple career pivots, across different functions and geographies, allowing for a career that has been filled with rich and diverse learning experiences. Learning and growth are key motivational drivers for me, so having these opportunities everyday keeps me inspired and excited, as well as Diageo being a truly purpose driven organisation that I’m proud to work for. We are a company who not only talks purpose but truly embeds it across every part of our organisation, such as with family leave policy, which leads the way on inclusion through equal parental leave.

How does Digital and Technology create a competitive advantage for Diageo?

Digital and Technology is at the heart of value creation for Diageo. We are using technology to open up new opportunities and improve and reimagine business processes. Enabling Diageo to become the best data insights-driven consumer product company, unleashing the power of data with consumers, customers and suppliers.

What do you see as the future for the Digital and Technology Function in Diageo?

I see an exciting and opportunity filled journey ahead, we have a clear vision, a hugely talented team and engaged collaborative partnerships to make our vision a reality. Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history – with such advancement comes inspiring possibility and responsibility. Within Diageo I see the Digital and Technology functional legacy as ensuring we are laying the right foundations today for an even brighter digitally enabled future; whilst supporting growth and value for our people, brands and stakeholders.

What could a career within Diageo’s Digital and Technology Function look like?

A career in Digital and Technology can be as diverse as the people who work within it – we are a global team with multiple hub locations across the world, encompassing a vast array of capabilities, where both breadth of thinking and deep technical specialism could be required.

We have roles that cover a variety of responsibilities such as strategy development, business partnering, project delivery, technical implementation, testing and deployment. It is important to manage our technology environments to ensure a safe, secure and robust landscape across our end-to-end business.

Data is the life blood of our organisation fuelling our decision making and insight creation – you could be working in data engineering, or our data science teams – the possibilities are endless, your career can take many directions.

Who are you looking to join the Digital and Technology team?

We are looking for talent who want to shape Diageo’s future, individuals who want to lead bold execution in a fast-moving world. Whether you have a proven career in Digital and Technology, a graduate ready to get started in the world of work or an individual with a passion for tech – we would love to hear from you. 

What is your advice for preparing for a successful career within Digital and Technology?

Lead with a growth mindset and seize the opportunity to improve, learn and move forward at every juncture. Be curious, ask questions and lean into every possibility.


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