Digital and Technology is rooted in creating a competitive advantage for Diageo

Digital and Technology is rooted in creating a competitive advantage for Diageo

24 Jun 2022
Katalin Pertorini-Suranyi, Digital and Technology (D&T) Business Partner

What are you passionate about at Diageo?

The Digital and Technology function is rooted in using technology to create business solutions. Our vision and strategy is to create a competitive advantage for Diageo, something I find really exciting. What drives me is how I as an individual can help a market or function with technology implementation to solve a business challenge, increase revenue, support decision-making, or liberate employees to save time with process automation.

Working in D&T also means that you have to flex yourself to constantly learn new capabilities to respond to the changing environment and is something I really love about the role – every day is something new!

How does our culture help you be successful in your role at Diageo D&T?

I am passionate about the diverse culture at Diageo. I feel that no matter where you are from, your unique contribution to Diageo's purpose to celebrate life, every day, everywhere is what’s important. I truly believe that it is these contributions that make Diageo such a great place to be, everyone has a platform to voice their ideas here.  

My motivator at work is to create tangible value with what I do, and Diageo’s culture helps me to perform at my best. Working flexible hours is a huge help for me to manage family, and this family friendly culture at Diageo is something I hugely value and I know others around me do too.

What makes Diageo/D&T different?

My connection with D&T is unique because when I joined Diageo 10 years ago, I started my career as an overhead finance analyst supporting the D&T function. From the first moment I joined the team, my key takeaway was learning from those around me, asking them questions about their priorities and the way our budgets work. My dream was to get into D&T to be part of the value that the function creates and get closer to the business to understand their priorities and help them to achieve these.

Any career advice for someone looking to join us?

My top tips for anyone wanting to join Diageo are:

  • Be flexible
  • Demonstrate your ownership mindset
  • Always be curious and looking for new ways to provide solutions
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Be bold in your execution


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