Responsible marketing and consumer information

We provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make responsible choices about drinking – or not drinking.

Diageo bottle line up

Diageo Marketing Code

The Diageo Marketing Code is our mandatory minimum marketing standard. It governs how we, and any third parties we work with, must operate.

The code applies across all our markets and guides every aspect of our activities from research and development to marketing, promotion, and packaging. It includes, for example, a requirement to direct our marketing only at adults over the legal purchase age and not to present moderate consumption or abstinence negatively. We review the code every 12 to 18 months to ensure it addresses evolving issues in the marketplace.

Our Digital Code of Practice, which complements the Diageo Marketing Code, sets out principles for digital marketing. These include:

  • ensuring that marketing is directed at adults over the legal purchasing age
  • monitoring user-generated content
  • consumer privacy

Our Annual Report includes more information on our marketing and communications performance.

Consumer information

We understand that to make responsible choices consumers need clear and accessible information. The Diageo alcohol beverage information policy provides mandatory minimum standards for the information that must be included on our labels and packaging. These are:

  • At least one, and up to three, of the following responsible drinking symbols:
    • Do not drink and drive
    • Do not drink during pregnancy
    • Do not drink under the legal purchase age
  •, a website that promotes responsible drinking
  • Alcohol content
  • List of allergens
  • Recycling and sustainability symbols.

This mandatory information must appear in all geographies (where legally permitted) and on all Diageo-owned brands by the end of December 2017.

Going beyond industry commitments

In March 2015, we announced our commitment to provide consumers around the world with alcohol content and nutrition information per typical serving – a first for any alcohol company.

We provide this information through our responsible drinking website DRINKiQ and will do so on our labels and packaging in a majority of Diageo's markets, subject to local regulatory approval, as soon as practical.

Currently, there is no obligation to provide such information in markets worldwide, but we know that consumers are increasingly discerning about what they eat and drink to ensure a balanced lifestyle. We want to provide alcohol and nutrition information that helps people make informed decisions.

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