Water in our supply chain

Water stewardship in our supply chain is fundamental to our strategy and a priority given the overall impact of water use by suppliers – particularly in agriculture and by our third-party operators. It is also integral to our broader sustainable agriculture strategy and focus on skills and empowerment in the supply chain.

Our approach is work with key suppliers to encourage improved water stewardship through reduced use and better management, and to focus on agricultural raw material supply chains, a significant majority of which are rain-fed. In particular, we will integrate responsible water management and climate change resilience into our regenerative agriculture programme for 150,000 smallholder farmers.

Our 2030 targets on water in our supply chains include:

  • All raw material suppliers achieve Diageo Water Stewardship Standard
  • 150,000 smallholder farmers in water stressed areas have demonstrable improvement in climate change resilience
  • 50% of all irrigated agricultural commodities in water stressed areas have best in class water efficiency.

We will encourage all key suppliers with water risk to adopt best practice stewardship – reporting water use, risks and management, and improving performance and reducing impact across their value chains.