Water advocacy

We are dedicated to addressing the global water crisis and accelerating progress on Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation for All. This requires strong advocacy to drive increased recognition and action on water, in local, national and international forums.

We will continue to invest in industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives, actively participating and influencing the development of best practice water stewardship, and campaigning for more organisations to take action on the global water crisis. We are long standing members of the UNGC CEO Water Mandate, Alliance for Water Stewardship, Beverage Environment Industry Roundtable and Water Resilience Coalition. Wewill also seek out new opportunities, locally and globally, to use our leadership and experience on water to create positive change.

We are committed to working collaboratively with governments, development organisations, civil society and other private sector companies to address the global water challenge and to promote co-ordination of policy, priorities and goals.

Our 2030 water advocacy targets include:

  • All our water stressed markets have water issues embedded in public policy planning
  • Deliver targeted water campaigns with our employees, customers and supply chain.