Awards and rankings

We benchmark our work on ESG issues against our peers and the wider business community. Throughout the year, we submit non-financial information to a range of indices. This is an important way for us to understand how our approach measures up to current standards, best practice and expectations.

We are very pleased that our ESG progress continues to be recognised externally.

Index 2020 rank or rating


Climate Change A, Water Security A: Diageo was one of only eight beverage companies globally and 65 companies overall (out of 9,617) to achieve A for both Water Security and Climate Change

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Member of the index since its inception

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Scored 18.5 out of 26, well above the Agricultural Products industry category average, which was 10.3 out of 26

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Member of the Dow Jones World Index, ranked as one of the top four beverage companies worldwide


AAA rating: Diageo has scored a AAA rating for the past six years

Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating

Score 16.7 (low risk): as of July 2022, Diageo was ranked sixth out of 582 companies in the food product industry*


If you’d like to get in touch with our Global Spirit of Progress team, please email spiritofprogress@diageo.com.

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