Human rights

Respect for human rights should be a part of everyone’s working day, as enshrined in our Code of Business Conduct.

We have outlined our approach in our policies and guidelines, including our Human Rights Policy and Modern Slavery Statement, and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment through our actions.

In 2015 we developed a comprehensive Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA), which assesses every element of our value chain, including raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, contractors, operations, sales and marketing and third-party operations. We aim to conduct HRIAs in all our 23 markets by 2020, and have completed 17 to date. As a result of our findings, we have developed a child protection programme for our work with smallholder farmers, and initiatives aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the hospitality sector.

We also understand the importance of Applying a gender lens to our HRIA process We have updated our approach to ensure the voices of women in our supply chain are fully heard throughout the assessment process, building more criteria into our country context reviews and exploring more assessment techniques such as women-only interviews with stakeholders.

Each market has developed an action plan to address its specific risks.

Read a case study on our Kenya HRIA 

We have introduced a Global Brand Promoter Standard in all our markets to protect brand promotion teams from harassment.

Our commitment

As part of our 2020 Sustainability and Responsibility targets, we are committed to acting in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. As such, we work to ensure that we do not infringe human rights ourselves, and that we are not complicit with others in any abuse of human rights.

  • We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or abuse.
  • We comply with wage and hour laws.
  • We respect our employees' decisions to join or not join a trade union.
  • We do not use forced or compulsory labour.

We will not work with anyone who does not adopt these same principles.