Working with medical professionals to reduce harmful drinking

Case study

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We’re committed to working with others to address harmful drinking, and we’ve long supported the training of medical professionals in screening and brief intervention techniques as a way to reduce alcohol abuse.

For example, we have helped support an online training tool called AlcoholSBIRTTM which prepares military behavioural health professionals to screen their patients routinely for high-risk alcohol use. Our grant to independent research institution NORC at the University of Chicago, enabled them to develop the programme through a partnership with online healthcare communications company MedRespond. This year the programme trained military medical and behavioral health clinicians in 97 locations around the world through one-hour or three-hour programmes - reaching 2,000 medical professionals in total.

Given the focus on impact that underpins our 2020 sustainability and responsibility targets, we’re increasingly evaluating our programmes so that we can target them most effectively. Our preliminary evaluation results showed satisfaction with AlcoholSBIRTTM among trainees, with 93% of respondents rating it positively and 56% rating it extremely positively. Respondents cited the usefulness of the training overall, the influence of training on their practice, and satisfaction with increased training for at-risk alcohol use.