Working in partnership to reduce underage drinking in Cameroon

Case study

We talk to young people about the dangers of underage drinking – but we talk to parents and teachers about it too.

In Cameroon, our 2014 campaign to address underage drinking reached 1,664 pupils in 10 high schools – but we also reached around 900 teachers and many parents, aiming to give them the tools they need to continue the discussion with young people.

The campaign was run in partnership with the Cameroon Ministry of Health, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, and the international not-for-profit youth organisation AIESEC, and included interactive sessions with students, teachers and parents on the potential harm of underage drinking, as well as a training manual.

The campaign contributes to our drive to implement the Global Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ commitments, which include a commitment to reduce underage drinking, as part of our overall efforts to support the WHO's global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Cameroon classroom speech