Think How You Drink campaign engages millions

Case study

In one of Diageo's latest responsible drinking campaigns, 'Think How You Drink' asks young adults in Europe to take a personal responsibility for their behaviour.

Informed by research into the most effective engagement techniques for young adults, the campaign uses video to illustrate the effects of drinking to excess. With a mix of humour and strong messaging, Think How You Drink aims to appeal to young adults sense of pride or reputation among peers by demonstrating the shame and embarrassment that comes with irresponsible behaviour. The campaign also directed people to Diageo's 'Ask Dave' website as a resource to help people make well-informed choices when drinking.

Think how you drink poster

The campaign quickly showed strong signs of success, with a majority of the viewers surveyed saying they found the video enjoyable, thought-provoking and effective at illustrating the shame and embarrassment drinking to excess can cause. Three out of four said they would tell their friends about the video, and two thirds said they would show the video to their friends. As a result, in less than a month, the campaign attracted more than 1.1 million views on You Tube and reached over 2 million young adults through other social media. Think How You Drink was also shown to an additional 5.2 million students at 88 UK university campuses.