Sweet solution: feeding aniseed to cattle in Turkey

Case study

An innovative use of the aniseed which flavours our raki brands means farmers in Turkey are benefiting from our drive to reduce the waste we send to landfill.

Turkey’s national drink, raki, is distinguished by the sweet and aromatic flavour of aniseed, and the rakis made by our Mey Ïçki group – Tekirdag Rakisi and Yen Raki – are among the most popular in the world. But at Mey Ïçki, we have found some new fans of aniseed – cows, and the farmers who own them.

A cow eating

Raki is flavoured by extracting the essential oils from the aniseed plant, leaving the stalks and other fibrous plant residue. At Mey Ïçki's operational sites in Tekridag and Nevershir, these aromatic and flavoursome by-products are now supplied to farmers. This year, farmers received approximately 5,000 tonnes of aniseed plant products, plus some residue from pressed grapes – a welcome addition to their supply of cattle feed, and a welcome 40% reduction in waste to landfill for Mey Ïçki.

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The initiative stems from our commitment to reducing the amount of waste we dispose of to landfill – our target is zero by 2015. Turning organic matter we don't need into by-products that benefit farmers is one of the ways we have reduced waste to landfill by 78% since 2007.