Sustain quality growth: Crown Royal

Case study

Crown Royal Regal Apple is in its sixth year of growth.

Sustained growth driven by insight and innovation
Connecting with consumers and their passions is at the heart of sustained quality growth. This year, Crown Royal grew 8% and was once again North America’s most valuable whisky brand(i), as consumers continue to connect with its purpose of 'inspiring exceptional generosity'.

The insight that it is better to give than to receive really resonates, as Crown Royal’s Purple Bag community gifting campaign continues to show. This strong brand equity is supported by sustainable innovation and consistent investment. The result is that Crown Royal is recruiting new consumers, accessing new occasions and reinforcing its premium status.

Crown Royal Regal Apple, for example, is now in its sixth year of growth. Other innovations, such as this year’s Crown Royal Peach, are also contributing to the brand’s growth and vibrancy. Our marketing places Crown Royal at the centre of cultural occasions that connect with consumers. And in 2020, Crown Royal’s ‘The Guy Who’s Got It All’ campaign won a prestigious Effie advertising award.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand continued to connect with consumers’ desire to give back, hosting an online #GenerosityHour that has supported bartenders affected by closures.

(i) Nielsen/NABCA for the 12 months to 31 May 2020.