Support for smallholders growing local raw materials

Case study

Africa water

The raw materials we use to make our great brands connect us to communities all over the world - and that connection gives us the opportunity to make a real difference to people's lives while strengthening our supply chain.

In northern Cameroon, we're working with the smallholder farmers who grow the sorghum that plays a vital role in the beer we brew at Guinness Cameroon. It is a great example of our integrated approach - working with the communities in our supply chain on interconnected issues including water, economic empowerment through local sourcing, sanitation, and hygiene.

Africa water

Through our longstanding Water of Life programme, for example, a new borehole has given the community of Ngoyang in Garoua access to over 80,000 litres of safe, clean drinking water each day, while the local primary school has 10 rehabilitated toilets. A Water Management Committee formed by the community oversees the management of the borehole, and education and infrastructure improvements in the school aim to improve hygiene. More widely, we're reaching 3,500 smallholders in the region with capability development training to help them improve yields and livelihoods.

As well as playing a part in our strategic focus on Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) programmes, initiatives like these support our goal of sourcing 80% of raw materials locally within Africa by 2020 - a figure which stood at 73% in 2016. We're also working with smallholders in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania. For a more detailed impact study take a look at our Sourcing for Growth report on Ethiopia and these videos showing our work in Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia.