Sowing the Seeds of Mutual Success

Case study

Our longstanding partnerships with barley farmers in Africa are creating value for all.

Agricultural partnerships have significant benefits for our business and the communities which grow the crops, particularly when they enable us to increase our use of locally available materials. In Tanzania, our subsidiary Serengeti Breweries Ltd (SBL) has doubled the intake of locally-sourced barley each year for the last three years. To sustain our partnership with local farmers, we provided 300 tonnes of barley seeds to 50 farmers and expect a crop of between 4,000 and 6,000 tonnes of barley from these contracts.

Men carrying seeds

As Pasikali Michael, a farmer from Endasaki village attests, such partnerships can be critical to local livelihoods. 'We vowed never to grow barley for commercial purposes after having a poor experience with a previous buyer without a ready market or effective payment processes,' said Mr Michael. 'Now SBL has given us hope... we have changed our minds. If this spirit by SBL continues, it will significantly uplift our district as a whole.'

To sustain this success in Tanzania, in April 2014 we hosted an agribusiness workshop for key stakeholders including barley farmers, financial institutions, suppliers of farm inputs and government partners.

Across Africa, our brewing businesses have had close connections with farmers for decades. We have a particular commitment to source 70% of all our raw materials locally within the continent of Africa by 2015.