Saving water where it is needed most - Brazil

Case study

Water Plant

In the Brazilian state of Ceará, water is precious. The region has been subject to a serious drought, and businesses, including our Ypióca distillery, need to do what they can to help save water.

Our Paraipaba distillery in Ceará has invested in making its use of water more efficient – and reduced the total amount of water it withdraws by 1.7 million cubic metres in 2014-15. Where it previously took 85 litres of water to produce a litre of our products, it now takes just 13. The savings are equivalent to the water needs of 10,000 people, making a significant difference in an area of severe water scarcity.

As well as making changes to the way in which we process the sugar cane used at our distillery, and the way we clean it before fermentation, we've invested in new measures such as an indirect heating system which returns distillation condensate to our boilers, and closed cooling water circuits.

Water stewardship is our highest environmental priority, and we've set ourselves the target of reducing water use in our operations by improving water use efficiency by 50% worldwide.