Safeguarding the trees - and the rivers - of Mount Kenya

Case study

The forests of Mount Kenya are a precious resource. Not only are they home to their own rich ecosystems, but they are essential to the Mount Kenya water catchment, which supplies the Ewaso Nyiro and Tana river systems, supports the health of Kenya's national parks, and makes the country's hydropower system viable. What's more, the catchment provides 95% of the water used by the city of Nairobi.

Deforestation is placing that resource under threat - which is why we're taking action. Our Kenya Breweries business is committed to restoring the forest by planting 100,000 trees. In June 2019 alone, a team from Kenya Breweries worked with more than 100 farmers from Community Forest Associations to plant 3,000 seedlings over 250 acres in the Kieni Forest, Kiambu County. This is the second phase of the programme, bringing the total area restored to 500 acres.

The project supports our Water Blueprint strategy, which has a special focus on reducing our impact in water-stressed regions in Africa, India and Brazil.