Reducing waste to landfill, brick by brick

Case study

Brick Making in Turkey

We're committed to sending zero waste to landfill, and we've made significant progress in recent years, reducing waste to landfill by 94% since 2007. There's still more to do, and we're always looking for new ways to put the waste we produce to useful purposes - which is why we're proud of the innovative brick-making programme we launched in Turkey in 2016.

Following trials and regulatory approval from the Turkish authorities, our team at the Mey İçki plant in Alaşehir is working with a local brick company to use the waste sludge left over from distilling as a valuable raw material for construction. In the first programme of its kind in Turkey, the brick-maker adds sludge from our effluent treatment plant into the brick mixture, before drying and cooking the bricks for use in building projects. The process reduces the brick company's requirement for brick soil and water, while we reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill from our Turkish operations by approximately 15% per year.

Of course, brick-making is not the only useful way to use our by-products - in Turkey alone, our waste is used as a source of energy and as a fertiliser for local farmers, while other significant recent developments include a new initiative to recover and reuse Nampak carton materials in South Africa. Together, initiatives like these helped us reduce the waste we sent to landfill by 38% worldwide in 2016/17.