Reducing packaging weight? We can handle it.

Case study

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to reducing the weight of our packaging – as the way we've redesigned some of our Smirnoff bottles shows.

We've saved 1,200 tonnes of packaging in North America by a simple redesign of our 1.75l Smirnoff bottles – removing the handle on the side of the bottle.

Removing each handle saves 137g, or 12.6% of the total container weight, and the savings soon add up with a brand as popular as Smirnoff, which sells around 8.7 million bottles in this format. Overall, this reduction saves approximately the same weight as 96 London double-decker buses, or seven Boeing 747s.

Making the most of light-weighting opportunities like this will help us reach the target we've set ourselves for 2020 of reducing our total packaging weight by 15%.