Reducing lost-time to accidents in new acquisitions

Case study

We recently welcomed a number of new businesses to Diageo, and our Zero Harm philosophy is already delivering great results in Guatemala and Ethiopia.

When we acquired Meta Abo Brewery in January 2012, the site’s safety performance fell far short of Diageo standards. A key part of the business integration planning was therefore to get them to adopt our Zero Harm programme – and fast. Since then, improvements have been spectacular, thanks to the commitment of local leaders, a change in culture, and the general pace of change, resulting in an impressive 60% reduction in lost-time accidents (LTAs). It also meant a fantastic first for the business in Ethiopia – their first ever six months without an LTA, which we celebrated in October 2012.

Our commitment to Zero Harm has also transformed operations and working conditions in our new business in Guatemala, which makes Zacapa rum, with a 60% reduction in LTAs in the past year. Two significant changes led to this great result: implementing safe ways of working – including a safer environment, better safety training and leadership communications; and strengthening the safety culture of employees, contractors and visitors.

men in safety gear

Nonetheless, there is no room for complacency – all our new businesses still had some LTAs, so there is still work to be done. However, within all teams there is a strong commitment to a Zero Harm culture, and we will continue to focus on improving safety everywhere until we have eliminated all accidents from our operations.