Reducing drink driving in Ghana

Case study

Reducing drink driving in Ghana

Twa Kwano Mmom is Ghana’s integrated behavioural change campaign aimed at reducing the incidence of drink driving among commercial drivers. Started five years ago, the campaign has evolved from its focus on education in its first 3 years to include an enforcement components highly recommended by government stakeholders.

Twa Kwano Mmom is in line with Guinness Ghana’s commitment to address drink driving and to foster stronger collaboration among key actors in ensuring safety on the roads. The annual campaign has been supported by the National Road Safety Commission and Police Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) to help curb road accidents especially during festive seasons.

This year, the campaign took place in 8 bus terminals with breathalyzer tests on 3 major highways. About 25,800 drivers took part in the campaign.

Commercial Drivers in participating transport terminals were taken through DRINKiQ (alcohol education) sessions delivered by Clinical Psychologists from the University of Ghana Medical School. In partnership with the MTTD, commercial drivers on the highways were randomly required to take breathalyzers tests to determine whether they were above the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit in Ghana. For every three successful tests that showed a driver was within the BAC limit, the driver was rewarded with a souvenir and a £17 fuel card.

Results from this year’s campaign showed a 65% decrease in the number of drivers who were above the allowable limit compared to last year.  This meant 122 less drivers were engaged in drink driving during the period. A total of 27,223 breathalyzer tests were conducted throughout the campaign period, representing a 54% increase in the number of tests conducted this year. 4 terminals recording less than 5 drivers, who were over the legal limit. In 2016, the average number of drivers above the legal limit from each terminal was 31 - which suggests the education and enforcement initiatives were working.

In 2017, Ghana’s Traffic offences data from the MTTD, showed 78 out of 123,412 people were involved in drink driving representing less than a percentage of the total offences. Nonetheless, Diageo will continue to provide the necessary support to ensure we reduce the incidence of drink driving to its barest minimum.