Promoting moderation and tackling misuse: Drink Positive

Case study

We are proud of producing some of the world’s best alcoholic drinks – and of the fact that millions of people enjoy our brands responsibly and in moderation. At the same time, we know that harmful drinking causes individuals and communities significant problems – so creating a positive role for alcohol in society has always been vitally important to everyone in our business.

We have consistently invested in global programmes which encourage responsible drinking, reduce drink driving, and seek to create a positive role for alcohol in society. This year we launched a new strategy to create even greater impact through our programmes, as described on pages 42-44.

At the same time, we have never lost sight of the vital role that our employees play in promoting moderation and tackling misuse – as ambassadors for our brands, and within their own work and home communities.

In October 2017 we launched our new Drink Positive campaign, aimed at highlighting the role that everyone at Diageo can play through their work. Drink Positive communicates how employees are promoting moderation and tackling misuse, and includes training resources such as DRINKiQ, our alcohol education tool, to help engage employees and to support them to engage others.

The creative, integrated campaign involves social media, ‘office takeovers’, global and local ‘Lunch and Learn’ events, online training, leaders from the business sharing their commitment to help people to Drink Positive, and much more. Through Drink Positive, we’ve reached all of our employees (nearly 30,000) with the facts, information and inspiration that will help them become Drink Positive ambassadors within our business and beyond – and our Values Survey showed that 93% of employees agreed that Diageo is effective in promoting a balanced role for alcohol in society.