Preventing drink driving, promoting good decisions

Case study

JW Join the Pact

Drink driving is never the right decision – and, as a business committed to helping people make good decisions, we’re taking action to prevent it.

The fall in alcohol-related traffic deaths in developed countries over the past decade supports our conviction that improving awareness and consistent enforcement of legal blood alcohol limits are the most effective ways to stop drink driving.

We have been working with governments, police, NGOs and other community stakeholders for many years. In 2016, thanks to our track record in this field, UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) chose Diageo as their partner for a two-year initiative to improve road safety globally.

But a single death anywhere caused by drink driving is one too many. There is much more to be done – to extend and build on effective programmes until drink driving fatalities are eliminated globally.

We are working on this in many ways. For example, we support training and enforcement initiatives for police officers through programmes such as Road to Safety in India, Twa Kwano Mmom in Ghana, and our partnership with traffic police in Thailand. We also support brand-led responsible drinking campaigns like Johnnie Walker’s Join The Pact. The programme has reached more than 40 countries, with 3.1 million people making the commitment to never drink and drive.

As part of an industry group, we helped the Dominican Republic formulate its first ever laws on blood alcohol limits in 2017 – and we have even taken our commitment into virtual reality. This year we launched a hard-hitting virtual reality simulation that puts the viewer in the middle of a drink driving tragedy as part of our DRINKiQ campaign.