Moving fast to displace fossil fuels

Case study

We aim to move quickly to embed our environmental standards in new parts of the business where we can. Since Diageo acquired a majority share in Indian spirits business United Spirits Ltd in 2014, we have prioritised the integration of our global environmental sustainability standards and programmes – including our target of reducing carbon emissions from our operations by 50% by 2020.

At our USL Nasik distillery and packaging facility in Maharashtra, for example, we've reduced carbon emissions by 61% in the current year by replacing 75% of the coal used for energy with biomass fuel.

By using briquettes made from sawdust, tamarind shell and crop waste left over from local agriculture, we've displaced much of Nasik's reliance on fossil fuel – and we're still looking to improve it further. On an annualised basis, our current rate of coal replacement will reduce carbon emissions from Nasik by 15,000 tonnes, or the equivalent of the emissions from 3000 family cars. Farmers in the area have also gained an outlet for the waste from their seasonal crops as well as additional revenue and community employment.

Replacing fossil fuels is a key element in our global carbon reduction strategy – and we'll keep supporting the integration of new businesses to help them reduce carbon.

Nasik Office