Making a difference: measuring the impact of our programmes

Case study

water well tap

We're proud of the work that our Water of Life programmes have done to improve water infrastructure for more than 10 million people in 18 countries since 2006 - and that Diageo Learning for Life™ (L4L) has trained more than 100,000 people in 35 countries since 2008.

But successful community empowerment is about more than headline numbers – so in 2014 we embarked on our largest ever series of studies to measure and report on the impact our projects are having.

These evaluation studies looked at 49 Water of Life projects in 40 communities in Ghana, and explored their impact on income, employment, female empowerment, health and economic value. They also evaluated our L4L programmes in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

Many of the results have been very satisfying. They show that Water of Life projects are the main and most reliable source of water supply for 79% of beneficiary households – and that they have contributed significantly to women's empowerment in particular, by reducing the amount of time women spend sourcing water each day by 33%.

They also show that Water of Life projects have wider benefits – contributing to the reduction in incidence of water-borne disease, for example, and supporting an estimated 34,000 livelihoods. Our L4L programmes have been determined to have had a positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries, particularly on the graduates who are now working in their area of specialisation - though we still have more work to do to reach our goal of achieving an employment rate of 70% of L4L participants.

In fact, the studies have given us many insights into how we can improve our programmes. We have made new commitments for 2020, which place measuring and reporting on the impacts of our projects central to our strategic aim of enabling those who live and work in our communities, particularly women, to have the skills and resources to build a better future for themselves.

Our projects should make a difference. By measuring and reporting on their impact, we'll make sure they do.