Learning For Life Scotland

Case study

The Bartender training programme launched as part of Diageo Learning For Life Scotland provides young unemployed people with coaching, core employability skills and specialist bartender training, opening the door to a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the Scottish hospitality industry.

With two international events due to take place in Scotland in 2014 – The Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth games, Scotland’s hospitality sector needs to be ready to deliver world-class service to visitors from around the world.

Diageo has built on this opportunity to launch a five-year programme, aiming to provide valuable technical training and work experience to young people across various sectors. Participants benefit from advice in areas such as interview preparation, teamwork, and communication – helping to boost their life skills and confidence in support of their journey to employment. They also benefit from ongoing mentoring and assistance to guide them through the training and the job application process

During 2014, Diageo plans to offer accredited training to at least 200 individuals, who will then be offered work placements in participating venues across Scotland.

The scheme is part of Diageo’s long-term commitment to support Scotland’s economy and contributes to the overall aims of Movement to Work, helping to tackle youth unemployment across the UK. To complement the first phase of the programme focusing on bartending and hospitality, Diageo plans to expand its support for young people to embrace retail, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

For further information please contact learningforlifediageoscotland@diageo.com

Learning for Life Scotland

Partnerships have to be based on trust if they are to be sustainable. Our 'Parceria para o Crescimento' (Partner for Growth) programme gives farmers access to agricultural inputs, technical support, and a fair price for their sugar cane. Accurate cane weight recording, correct invoicing, and prompt payment for the cane delivered to the Ypióca distillery have been essential in fostering transparency and trust.

Luciano Almeida dos Santos, a long-term 'parceiro' of Ypióca, comments on the programme: 'Ypióca has greatly improved its relationship with us as "parceiros" and deserves the trust which we have in the company. The assistance which Ypióca provides us contributes to further development and improvements within our region.'

The parceiros are also invited to three open days each year, where the agenda includes updates on distillery activities, discussions, and demonstrations of agricultural improvements on Ypióca's Santa Eliza farm. In the long term, we aim to buy 30-35% of our sugar cane from local farmers - guaranteeing that this partnership is truly sustainable.