Learning for Life and empowering people through skills

Case study

We want to create opportunities for people around the world to overcome barriers, boost their skills and build a better life for themselves and their families, and since 2008 our flagship Learning for Life (L4L) programme has been leading the way.

From its origins in our Latin America and Caribbean markets, L4L’s aim of finding talented people and supporting them to reach their full potential now spans more than 40 countries. At its core, L4L focuses on giving people the tools, training and skills they need to succeed in sectors including hospitality, retail, entrepreneurship and bartending.

After over a decade of programmes, L4L is always looking to break new ground. This year, for example, we ran our first ever L4L initiatives in Greece and Italy, while in Ireland we completed the second year of a L4L programme which aims to create opportunities for refugees through skills and education.

L4L is not our only programme to provide skills empowerment opportunities. In Kenya, for example, Project Heshima provides vocational training to thousands of young people and women at risk of consuming or producing illicit brews. In India, our safe drinking ‘water ATM’ programmes include training for 287 women entrepreneurs so they can maintain and run the facilities, read more details here. We are proud that these initiatives have reached around 140,000 people to date, including 10,300 this year alone. We believe that by empowering disadvantaged people through enhanced skills and employability, our programmes support UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, focused on decent work and economic growth. We are sure it makes Diageo stronger – by helping to create thriving communities where we live, work, source and sell.