Leadership development in Latin America & Caribbean

Case study

Since 2007, the Diageo Leadership Performance Programme (DLPP) has helped develop the most senior leaders in our business. When the leaders in our West LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) market brought the principles of the DLPP to their management teams, their programme encouraged real breakthroughs in performance levels.

'My personal experience of the DLPP is that it is one of the best programmes I have ever participated in,' said Alberto Gavazzi, Managing Director, West LAC. 'It opens up the possibility of achieving breakthroughs in your leadership, relationships, and performance.'

Our DLPP programme is designed to help us develop the best leaders in business – encouraging leaders to be authentic and to bring the Diageo purpose to life, for themselves and others, while honing the skills needed to deliver great performance. In our West LAC market, the local leadership team decided to take the DLPP a stage further by extending the programme to their own teams, sharing the themes with 48 of the senior managers in their market at two events in May and December.

Underpinning this 'My Leadership' programme was an exploration of how leaders can best manage their time and energy to achieve a balance, allowing them to get the most from themselves, stay healthy, and deliver their best results.

The programme has drawn positive comments from participants across the market. Monique Malcolm, Head of Consumer Planning, based in Jamaica, said: 'I'm excited about the difference we can make as leaders and I'll definitely apply what we have learned with my own team.'