Investing £180 million in a climate-resilient future for Africa

Case study

Water treatment technology at one of our facilities in Kenya

Reducing our carbon footprint and improving our water efficiency are core elements of our global environmental programme – and of our long-term commitment to addressing climate change.

In May 2019, we announced a £180 million commitment to sustainable energy and water infrastructure in one of our key regions – Africa.

Through investment in equipment and ongoing maintenance and supply, we are bringing new solar energy, renewable biomass power and water efficiency initiatives to breweries in seven African countries.

New biomass boilers at three breweries in Kenya and Uganda will produce renewable energy, replacing heavy fuel oil. At the same time, we are installing solar power at 12 breweries. Each will produce up to 20% of the brewery’s electricity demand.

To improve our water efficiency, we are installing new water recovery and reuse facilities across five sites in Africa, which will save more than a billion litres of water a year.

The investments in Africa are part of our wider approach. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Since 2007, globally we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 44.7%, and we have improved our water efficiency by 43.8%.