Empowering women in Asia

Case study

Our Plan W programme aims to empower millions of women worldwide. In the Asia Pacific region, where we have committed £6.4 million to improve the prospects of 2 million women in 17 countries by 2017, Plan W got off to a great start through a launch in Singapore attended by some of the region's most dynamic female leaders.

Plan W is designed to address the fact that in many of the high growth markets in which we operate, women remain substantially disadvantaged; and that, when women are empowered, businesses perform better, communities improve their standard of living, and economies are strengthened. Plan W gives a new focus to our efforts to improve the diversity of our own business, deliver targeted skills training to women in the hospitality industry, work with strategic partners to train women in marginalised communities, and raise awareness among consumers.

Plan W Grand Prize Winner

In December 2012, we hosted a panel discussion in Singapore to unveil Plan W to the Asia Pacific region. More than 150 women joined the discussion in person, including Siobhan Hamilton, General Manager Diageo Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Many more followed it through Livestream and Twitter. Gilbert Ghostine, President, Diageo Asia Pacific, said: 'We are very proud to launch Plan W to support women and the development of communities all around Asia Pacific. As we progress with this major initiative across the region, we will look for more strategic partners who are equally committed to supporting this cause.'

Through Plan W, we work with strategic partners including CARE International to support improvements in literacy and sanitation, and empower women to develop their own businesses by building their skills.