Empowering Urban Women in India - Plan W

Case study

Our Plan W programme aims to empower two million women in 17 countries in Asia-Pacific by 2017 - and two pilot projects begun in 2014 in India are showing how systematic investment in knowledge and skills is helping women exercise choice and empower themselves.

Plan W - Women in India


In Bangalore, Plan W is working with the Samarthanam Trust, a not-for-profit organisation which assists visually impaired, disabled, and underprivileged women through a diverse array of training programmes. Our pilot programme with the Trust focuses on providing women with technical and life skills, including spoken English and leadership, as well as with career counselling. Thus far, 1,050 women at Samarthanam’s five urban training centres were trained. Of those who completed training, 65% were employed in medium and large businesses in 2014. We are encouraged by these results, which are well on the way to our 80% employment target.

Plan W's second partnership is with Udyogini – which translates as 'woman entrepreneur' - a not-for-profit organisation based in New Delhi which works with low-income women to improve their skills as small business owners and managers. BIn addition to working with more than 15,000 women directly, Udyogini works with around 25,000 indirectly through its services, building the capacity of other not-for-profit organisations. In its partnership with Plan W, Udyogini trained five not-for-profit organisations in urban areas to help improve their services to women entrepreneurs.