Diageo partners with Auchun and local NGOs in Italy

Case study

As the world's leading supplier of alcoholic drinks, Diageo has a responsibility to help shoppers make informed choices. Working with retailer Auchan and NGO Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, Diageo launched Conoscere l'Alcol, a responsible drinking campaign endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The programme represents a significant step forward in the face of concerning statistics in Italy. A 2010 study by the Italian Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Health revealed that 33% of young adults were already over the drink driving limit before going out to clubs. Binge drinking and underage drinking were found to be growing issues in Italy, with awareness among young adults of alcohol-related risks running very low.

With its strong network of outlets all across the country, Auchan was a strategic partner in helping to change the attitudes of a broad consumer audience. Leaflets and banners in more than 62 stores presented information about the effects of alcohol, the alcohol content in various drinks and guidance on when it's better not to drink.

Additionally, as part of the Conoscere l'Alcol campaign, Diageo launched sixteen anti-drink drive events in 9 different Italian cities in collaboration with the Italian Road Safety Transport Institute (ACI). In addition to providing important information on responsible drinking, Diageo staff invited more than 500 participants to use an interactive simulator that aimed to sensitize shoppers to the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol.